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“Morning For Reynard


The “Morning for Reynard” is a collection from my heart and the fulfillment of a dream.  Its origin is in the passion I share for the hunt, and in details it combines a sense of whimsy with the classic.  The backsides of the pieces are important too. On the various backs there are selections of old traditional English hunt songs, a limerick or a dedication.


The collection tells the story of the hunt.  Each piece has a distinctive rim.  The patterns are carefully matched and were conceived to go together yet stand on their own.  Each rim tells a slightly different story and captures a slightly different aspect of the hunt.  The 16” ovular platter combines an element of each.  The center designs are interchangeable.


I believe art is individual; therefore I have designed this series so that my collector may individualize and customize their choices to best suit their taste.  The collection includes center designs that are classic and those that are more playful in nature.  It may be designed matching or my favorite—mix it up!   The art of the series is in the details. The fine porcelain collection is dishwasher and microwave safe and durable enough to last generations. My desire is that these pieces will take their place within their owner’s treasured heirlooms and that by using them on today’s table, they in their turn inspire the generations of tomorrow.

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Oval Serving Platter - Fox & Whip Oval Serving Platter - Foxhound & Whips Dinner Plate - Fox & Whip
Dinner Plate - Fox & Whip
Our Price: $52.00
Salad Plate - Pup & Horn Bread & Butter Plate - Fox & Whip Soup/Cereal Bowl - Fox & Horn
Salad Plate - Pup & Horn
Our Price: $44.00
Gold Band Coupe Plate - Fox & Whip Gold Band Coupe Plate - Foxhound & Whips Gold Band Coupe Plate - Fox & Horn
Gold Band Coupe Plate - Pup & Horn Gold Band Coupe Plate - Corgi Gold Band Coupe Plate - Pup & Pail
Gold Band Coupe Plate - Pup & Stirrup Gold Band Coupe Plate - Pup & Spur "Drink Puppy Drink" - Gold Band - Coupe Plates - Set of 4
Mug - Full Wrap with Green Handle - 15oz Ramekin - Gold Band - Fox & Whip Ramekin - Gold Band - Foxhound & Whips
Ramekin - Gold Band - Gorgi Ramekin - Gold Band - Pup & Pail Ramekin - Gold Band - Fox & Book
Ramekin - Gold Band - Fox Kits Ramekin - Gold Band - Fox in Pink Gold Band Coaster - Fox & Book - Set of 4
Collector Box - 12" Round Hunt Theme Soap Dish - Gold Band - Fox & Whip Spoon Rest - Gold Band - Fox & Whip
Tea Pot - "Fox & Whip" Tea Pot / 4 Mugs - "Fox & Whip" Double Old Fashion Glasses - Fox & Whip - Set of 4
Tea Pot - "Fox & Whip"
Our Price: $80.00
Beverage Glasses - Fox & Whip - Set of 4 Beverage Glasses - Foxhound & Whips - Set of 4 Foxhound in Stirrup Pewter Ornament
Foxhound in Stirrup with Silver Holly Pewter Ornament
1-3/4" x 2-1/4"
Foxhound in Stirrup Pewter Ornament
Foxhound in Stirrup with Green Holly Pewter Ornament
1-3/4" x 2-1/4"